Below are answers to many common questions we are asked, Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

How long do I have to sign up for?

Storage Units are available on a month to month agreement only.

When can I get to my belongings?

Our facilities are Open 7 Days a week. Office Hours are 7:00AM – 9:00PM and located at Campers Inn

How much notice must be given when I move out?

Your rental agreement can be canceled by providing us 15 days notice in writing.

Do you offer a mover?

Not Currently, we may at a later date. However if you need a Trailer or Camper towed to the storage site please contact the Campers Inn office.

How can I make a payment?

Monthly payments can currently be made by cash or check at the Campers Inn office or mailed to 8800 Thomas Dr Panama City Beach Fl 32408

What sizes do you have and how much do they cost?

Please visit our Rates Page

How do I calculate how much storage space to rent?

Our facility manager can assist you in determining the right size. Give us a brief description of what will be stored and we’ll help you determine how much space is needed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checks, and Cash.